More rain. I am afraid the plants will begin to get gummy and moldy. Hey...but the raspberries will be unbelievable. And, if it continues this way and dries up and is hot for the last half of August and into September, the wine grapes will be stellar. School is tailing out. K took the Pre PSAT yesterday with better understanding now about what these tests are all about. A. is moving up into High School on Thursday with the eighth grade award ceremony tomorrow...(need to pencil it in).

Have a meeting this afternoon with a museum that is interested in my work and what we can do. Should be interesting. We have done quite a bit of Museum work--a range from promotional stuff (profane) and the academic stuff (sacred).So there is some nice synergy there. Just rooted around the boxes to see what was there to get a nice selection of work and uncovered a dozen different Christmas cards we have done over the course of the last 3-4 years. Amazing how one forgets about these trials.

The eight man shells, all bright red, were skimming over the inlet this morning with all of the young men pulling in sync, gracefully moving back and forth, pulling their single oar up, over, in, back. Beautiful and inspiring. I wonder if they row all summer outside of school in prep for the fall? or maybe for summer games that go beyond the school year. The energetic lady next to me had her treadmill absolutely vertical (beyond the 15 level) and she was walking amazingly fast. Made this snail feel positively small...but with inspiration like that I could not afford not to speed up and climb a smaller hill. Phew!

Slugging away on Marie Antoinette. R. saw the sketches and said in addition to the sheep for the shepardesses, I needed to do a cow. Now that I have permission, I am thrilled. I am sketching "Let Them Eat Cake" with the cake being a hair decoration. Could be fun!