Got my postcards from PSPrint. Did something new this time using their uncoated paper and the whole look is better as the color doesnt seem as pushed as it normally does. Now I wait for my pencils (for the table favors for Hartford). I finished the thesis announcement postcard and will get into approval mode today. It was pretty much make a list, and tick things off the list yesterday with more of the same. It has been wild dealing with a tremendous amount of do it, do it, revise it, revise the revision, redesign and then do it, do it. Nothing is touched once and amended....its endless.

I have another illustration for the local triathlon that I think I am going to do something with photoshop and brushes as the entire thing is a horizontal design with some spray (dotty) and blocky walls. Its worth a try. Going to do it all in one color (black and white) to save them some cash..and push me a bit more. On the list. Must get this done and out of the way.

Need to finish up the labels for the Stonecat's sausages. There is this legal "how to handle meats"spot that needs to go on the sausage which to my delight I found that I do not need to use government ugliness...but can design my own as long as the content is there..So we can make the label a bit better (using the fonts established and my kerning and tweaking the text to look a bit better).

I posted my Creative Quarterly note to Facebook and am getting some interest in my work from the portrait of Kitty. Possibly some local wine labels. Maybe do this in trade? Get the work out....Also, there is some interest in my being in a show that a colleague from Syracuse and Hartford is putting together. Pretty exciting as there are a ton of big league hitters included...Nice to be asked and considered.

Rob is in New York for a Museum event they are doing with their curators. Hope he has a nice time as he is not tied down to meetings and should get out and see some things. I think a bit of unstructured look about is good medicine for everyone--particularly Rob who drives so much creative work and is in a pressure cooker all day long.

Kids downstairs. Need to be taken to school and then the list tick off needs to happen.
No gym today.