Rare small size horse weathervane with applied mane by J. Howard, Waltham, Mass., circa 1865. Cast zinc and copper, retaining an old gold painted surface. from fredgiampietro.com

Want to put a man on a fraktur horse and am looking about in the world of folk art for a nice reference on horses. Look at this beauty. Horses exist in Fraktur, but in a very limited way. The "Flying Horse" Carousel in Watch Hill, Rhode Island references the weathervanes as seen above. So, I think I have a model for this image. The lady above is still in coloring...but close.

First day of school was excellent. The classes were better than expected. Nice to be back with friends and teachers we love. And, the lovely low humidity cool weather delights. Rob cancelled his travel due to flu like symptoms. Mr. Hair is cutting down trees and grinding up the piles of brush that have accumulated over the summer. Lovely. Work continues. Christmas on the horizon. Oy.