Just be.

Another almost rainy day. Its cool and very humid here. Miraculously, our trash was picked up...and our wonder, Chet, continues to come to cut the lawn and make us look like real people. Don't tell anyone. We are just pretending.

New logo for Bright Raven Farm & Apiary.

New logo for Bright Raven Farm & Apiary.

Yesterday was a day of write a list, strike things off the list...and interestingly, I got quite a bit off my plate. A new label and mock website for Bright Raven Farm & Apiary (logo designed earlier this year), A new label pair for Black Diamond Cider (one with a woodduck on it). An amendment or two for the big client. A chatty fun note to the new interesting client. A pair of massive (6' x 9') banners for Sagamore (poor photoshop came close to dying as I was ressing up images to sizes unknown to this computer). And coaching Alex on what to look for with his apartment search in NYC...which I think we have one. Now today I have to find all the grown up stuff they need from me as a co-signer. Yikes. Down many, up a few. I hope I do not get stalled as the progress was remarkable.

It was an icepack on the ankle all day sort of day. Really worked. Going to do it today too. Very helpful. Also, no shoes...as it feels better to connect with the floor without a sole moderating that contact.

logos for website-03.png

It has been fun working with team Bright Raven. They are trained biologists with advanced degrees from Cornell who love plants, ideas and really love the bee thing (which you know I do too). We spent a few hours talking about how to grow their business...and the wonders of things like expensive honey sold in far off places, the different flavors honey takes on from the terroir and from the nectar producing plants. We talked about overwintering the hives down south, and the appeal and fear of doing that. We talked about costs of buying a hive. We talked about schools, and helpers and broadening the community beyond the farm. A community to support the community of bees. It was pleasant to talk about things that we just need to understand and work with...but cannot control in the least bit. Weather, water, climate, food, nectar, flowers....none of these things care one whit about any of us. It just is. And that is singularly wonderful. We can just be.

If I keep this light, you will continue to hear from me. So, onward. The day advances and coffee awaits.