My focus today are corrections.It seems everything I have done in the last few weeks are all coming back laden with type changes so today is a dig in, and see if it sticks this time. We got two projects off to the printers yesterday (done, and done). So, it's a relief to finally free up a spot for another in the waiting list to come to the fore. It will be nice to feel less frantic about all the things that are piling up way beyond my knees.

It is a glorious day much like yesterday, Bright sky, full yellow rays, and shadows sharp and lovely. The grey softens it all and I forget the razor's edge of focus that we get here up on the plateau. It is a day to smell the fresh air and drink in the Vitamin D. Mei Mei is sitting on the windowsill outside my window looking a bit perturbed that I am not letting her in--but the air is good and she has her nice, long grey feline coat. Get over it, girl.