That time of the year.

Spring Bouquet, Q. Cassetti 2014, Adobe Illustrator.

Spring Bouquet, Q. Cassetti 2014, Adobe Illustrator.

Budgets have gone in. The New Year has come and gone. We are still in the intermittent snow scene...with mini storms becoming puddles by the end of the day It is the time of the year for our customers to delve deep into those things that must be done by year end and begin to hunker down and focus on the work at hand. It is also past the time of planning and into the time of programming and purchasing for our farmer/ food producer friends. So, the work is falling out of the sky and clobbering me. We have labels, logos and bags, business cards,

It is also that time to plan the next season of Wednesdays at the Trumansburg Farmers' Market. We have such a good board filled with big ideas, our meeting are often filled with conversations, side bars, and overlaps. We are in the process of getting the music arranged as well as the secondary programming (everything from circus yoga to cooking demos, to obstacle courses, to story time. We will be having a story time at the beginning of the market this year (a new thing) and a bit of a twist on who gets placed when and where. We are looking to be more flexible around folks sharing spaces and dovetailing times (a spring/summer farmer with a summer/fall farmer. We had a great meeting last week with another this Thursday to put a final touch on the line-up. We are starting a bit earlier this season and may (at this point) finish up a bit earlier as well. Market lights are on the roster to get done to help with the later in the season sales. We also will be reintroducing the Tuesday p.m. community dish to passes (i x a month). That means essentially a postcard and mini poster to go on the various cork boards. We will see.

Melissa, Good Life Farm Farmer, is having her weekly summer CSA and then the summer subscription program at our house. Totally cute. She and Matt came in and propped the area with tablecloths, hand lettered signs, and lots of information and clip boards last Friday. It was such a pleasure to get our boxful of microgreens, sprouts, teensy sweet potatoes and a small container of maple syrup to start the fresh food for the year. She is also running a subscription CSA on where one can sign up for a variety of foods, meat, bread from Wide Awake Bakery, herbs, mushrooms, and they are delivered weekly with the vegetables.  No shortage of great ideas from Melissa. Getting all of us out of the box.

I am still in some pain with the healing of this ankle. Pretty intense swelling...though the wound is daily looking better and better. There are also some sharp "icepick through the core" pangs that occur--so we will just take it a bit slower and get through another day of a little bit of walking and a little bit of standing, and lots of patience and at the end, fatigue. So onward. I had a 3 hour meeting with an hour drive both way, so I am just climbing back into what I missed and will need to catch up with later today/tomorrow.