Monday in January

It's that time of the year, when dark bookends the day such that even at noon--it is only seconds away from darkness--that my friends, the producers and farmers rest, reassess and analyze what worked, what didn't, what will be new and what will stay the same. This is a busy time for me as I am on the new and fix it  projects--so I am busy working on finalizing a dozen labels for a local meat producer, a look/feel and labels for a new cider enterprise and two bed and breakfasts are coming on. I am inspired to move these entities forward--and hope that my efforts find traction with these ambitious people. Even in this quiet time, the deadlines are furious with the FDA and the Agriculture Departments demanding times for approvals and processing.

The Cut Paper Stamp hits tomorrow. Ithaca Journal ran a nice article today about the stamp--and then the furor will die down. I really would like to know how this illustration pulls for the USPS. I am sure that many of their illustrators do not care about the sales of their stamp, but I would love to know how this thing performed--particularly against the former Love stamp designs. I am sure this is information that is not shared, but it would be fascinating.

Come to think of it, I think I will post some of the sketches and layouts related to the stamp to have a a gallery on the work for those that come looking for this information.

2014 Must be the Year of unexpected public relations! There is going to be an article on my work with the local food producers and farmers in Edible Finger Lakes,  in the next issue. I had such a nice time meeting and talking with the writer and photographer along with prepping a folder of imagery for them to select from. We have all of this interest in the stamp and then in case we forget, the honor of being awarded Business Person of the Year from the Trumansburg Chamber of Commerce. Who knows what all this furor will bring.

And so it goes for today.