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And Liberty and Justice, for all, Q. Cassetti, 2013

And Liberty and Justice, for all, Q. Cassetti, 2013

My printer is going a mile a minute. I have 50 gliclees to print for Gold Dust Lounge's Kickstarter promotion. See here>>  Russell is quite the PR Man and has wrangled some nice press including this article from I hope he can raise the $15,000 to promote and produce his newest album, "Lost Sunset". I love Russell, his energy, humor and intelligence as an artist and person-- and wanted to help him during this endeavor. The print is a South Florida colored skull with type that says "GoldDust to GoldDust". The ink is laying down nicely--the paper is behaving and the humidity today is cooperating. I printed a slew of cards yesterday from my illustrations to a few from the Ulysses Fair Fotosafari. Best image is a fried twinky with a little flag stuck in it to indicate that yes, this fried lump is a fried Twinky. A perfect "feel better" card!

Speaking of printers, we are going to move forward and buy an Epson 3880 to print Alex's work. If you balance the price of c print against the cost of the machine, it pays for itself in one portfolio, plus with FOUR blacks and an extra vivid Magenta! lays some serious ink down...and maybe I could print a few of my own photos! Imagine!

The printer purchase is an outflow of the work Rob and Alex are doing on preparing Alex to go show his work at NYU, FIT and SVA. Rob did some serious work with Alex on his portfolio--coaching and guiding, helping him to think out the process and move the work so that it shows well. Alex is a bit dumbfounded as he has yet to see his work printed and organized which is a delight and surprise. He wants to talk about his portfolio, how he is going to present it, the stories and patter that surround the images. He is looking for coaching, and we are so happy to be able to help. He also recognizes the leg up he has with visual parents--over the kids with families who are "muggles"
...and views it as a real boon. To think in a few days, we will have had Alex for 21 yrs. (he is turning 20!).  No baby commander anymore!

I have a demo to do in Utah and versus really winging it, I think I will be a bit more prepared with a sketch, an idea and then do it for them...which would include making brushes, patterns, symbols and the like. I am thinking an American Vehicle using some of the bombs as part of the machine. Another thing would be to work on some Elsie the Cow symbols to fuse with this stuff. I have a few days to think. I look forward to a little time to do some thumbnails and think out of the box. I feel so chained to my desk, the work and the work of managing the work so a little quiet time is welcome.  I welcome the change in season, the back to school quiet, and the on coming apple crop!