A Pattern of Patterns

My America: All Seeing Eye Ribbon Study, Q. Cassetti, 2013 Trumansburg, NY, Adobe Illustrator CC

My America: All Seeing Eye Ribbon Study, Q. Cassetti, 2013 Trumansburg, NY, Adobe Illustrator CC

You all know I love patterns. Lots and lots of patterns. Patterns on top of patterns and yes, let's turn that pattern into another pattern, pattern. I love the craziness of color, texture and the whole "look over here...no, over here...hey, don't forget me" aspect of patterns.  Where did this come from? I cannot imagine as I come from a pretty pattern free environment...and only create this world in my mind and on my paper digitally or otherwise (known as analog). I love the way Japanese patterns are so skillfully used--cut into art, folded, overlaid in their culture. Of course, I love Indian patterns in the fabrics, the saris, the absolute non-westernized approach in their visual arts...mimicing the happy music and theatre we only see a glimpse of. This love of pattern is what is keeping me ticking these days creating medals and ribbons, rondelles and patterned backgrounds that are red, white, blue, dark blue, cream, antique gold and a little brown. I am making brushes that resemble aspects of the flag. I am using the new and remarkable pattern feature in Adobe Illustrator's Creative Cloud application to create patterns in a wink and a blink that formerly I would have toiled over to find out that it did not tile right...and there were gaps between the tiles etc. etc. to finally either use the crappy pattern or throw my hands up and resort to stripes and checks which my small mind could accomodate.

This pattern possession has led me to new elements for My America, my project around all things about and of America and being American. I am possessed by medals and ribbons--honorifics that we give out at momentous times and then never come back and celebrate. I love the puffy ribbons--the sheer victoriana of them...with layer upon layer of loopy ribbon held together with a massive button or finding that is the center of this very floral thing. Why don't we, in a steampunky moment, give medals and medaillons for special service at the companies we work for versus the traditional "deal block"--a cast acrylic block that is either screen printed or has a printed acetate floated in the middle to customize the moment?  With medals and medallions, you could wear them to lunch--a visible version of "I was awarded the special parking spot this month" that is linked to the person directly? We could congratulate our friend on the stupendous job of writing code for a website, or for managing the corporate meeting so well. The big medallion would prompt us to recognize the work and value of the selected person far more than the $50. American Express Gift Card. But for me, independent of my desires for people to recognize each other, to show pleasure in other's accomplishments and work--the pleasure of making these fantasy awards has been a quiet, happy moment. Maybe a bit more today though I must admit, I do have a Minnie Mouse in the works along with a Barbie. Too much going on.

Another blissful cool one today. TJ was being a racing cat at 5 this a.m.--running blindly (and deafly) thumping into walls and springing off of doors. All the other furry friends are sleeping on their feet (to keep them warm) including Alex who I have to go rouse.  

A domani.