Big moon

Cut paper owl, Q. Cassetti, 2013

Cut paper owl, Q. Cassetti, 2013

It was a big moon, a  huge moon actually....a blue moon, some say. But none the less it was significant. Maybe it was nature but maybe, just maybe it was to recognize a marriage of two beautiful and remarkable women. It was light out until around 9:30 and then the moonlight took over, keeping the sky radiant for the rest of the time until dawn woke us up...shining sun and overcast skies. 

It is fully spring, and emerging summer with garlic scapes and strawberries, fresh spinach and  kale, teensie japanese radishes, and spring peas ready to pick. The farmers market has been open for well on a month, with a good crowd each week --with each participant anxious with ideas to make it better and add to the positive experiences for each person attending. I had a nice time seeing people I haven't seen in well over a decade, and enjoying them as new friends with a great common base.

It's been a bit of a haul in the last few weeks with my computer crashing as well as two 2 TB hard drives. So, I shipped the hard drives off to Kroll Online and to the tune of $2M each had the data recovered (much of my illustration work). The computer was 9 years old (with two hard drives (of extra illo work) that just plain died. My friends at Baka Computing thought it might have had " an electrical moment" but with the age of the computer, they were not ready to confirm that. So, prior to all of this monkey shines, I started backing up to a cloud service, CrashPlan, so this will be part of the new scene with the new computer winging its way over from Hong Kong. It is a kick in the pocketbook, so I am feeling a bit shocked and saddened by all of this, but after a week working on a coworkers setup (on vacation), I realized how my productivity has been compromised, so though it is expensive, and though it is an uplanned change, I think it will be welcome and add to the stuff I can crank out. And, I now have CrashPlan, Dropbox, Evernote, Apple Cloud and yes, Adobe Creative Cloud-- the cloud has been embraced and maybe will be a bit less frightening in the future. Kitty, funny girl that she is, refers to my cloud use as the "Thunder Cloud". See, another reason why I love her.

I need to wrap this up now as we need to get Kitty down to her job--but as I have promised Kitty that I will attempt to get back into the blogisphere a bit more....despite my recent quiet.