Ice Cream Castles

Ice Cream Castles, Q. Cassetti, 2013

Ice Cream Castles, Q. Cassetti, 2013

Yep. It snowed again. I am the April Fool. To think I was hoping that this was the end. The End of the snow, but instead, the spring promise on Saturday was just that, a promise. No commitment. Just a teensie bit of hope. And the idealist in me took wing, filling my heart with the just maybe...and now we are back into it. Hopefully, the apple trees/buds and the same with our glorious cherries will not be as romantic as I am. But weather shouldn't be the beginning and end of inspiration. It can be the prod, and I am feeling that tingle that maybe a new something is going to burst and I will be back in the picture making business again.

A girl can hope.

It is also really good to have our Saturday deadline behind us so that we can look forward to spring and change leaving the darker days of this winter behind us.

As you can see, there  are new things afoot with this blog. I have migrated my blog, recipes, about Q and other things to the upgraded Squarespace 6 which has other bells and whistles that allow one to have a magnificent shopping page ( to come with the gemeralds, cards, and prints). The only thing I am struggling with (right now) is the gallery feature with thumbnails so I can bring over to this page as well as Luckystone and have all of me under one web roof. I am plodding through learning this new tool (sans XML, HTML code) so it will take a bit of time, but I have patience and love it should work out.

I am taking over picnic baskets to Diane at Sundrees. We are working on a fun project to sell vintage baskets and then all the fun stuff to go inside as part of the Summer/ Bridal merch offering. I bought a bunch of baskets (Hawkeye and Redmon)--each different with some having pie racks, some having flatware attachments, a few green, a pink one, a tan one, a caramel one. I am in rapture over this beauties. There is an idea here.