Citric Acid

Citric Acid, Q. Cassetti 2012, Adobe IllustratorHave been full bore on work and trying to slip in an illustration  or two just to keep the advent buzz going. A local college contacted me for an illustration for their summer program (which formerly they have mined my existing images that we would change out to suit their needs). But now that they have a new branding program which is fairly constricting, with a very intense, very quiet palette which they are firm on…I figured this was a good challenge to create within these bounds to see what could happen. Interestingly, the more limits I iput on myself with the color, the better the illo got (using basicallly two colors and the myriad of screened color). I hope it is something we can go with. I am intrigued to see where this can go combined with the trippy brushes, objects, and animals.

Alex is helping me with cards for Valentines Day. We are cranking them out from my printer and my accucut die cutter. We have about 10 different designs for sale at Sundrees along with some pins, some pendants and some little collections of tiny food that can be purchased in a nice tin box. We also have a cute Bakery Case (mini) to show the cake and cupcake pins, and some little unfinished/raw pine tables for sale to go with the little food for Valentines Day. I am focused on this as I am delighted that we made a bit of money out of one venue in December, and hope to see where this can go as the possibility of going to the stationery show in NYC and selling cards is not an impossibility. Consider that I have well over 40 images from the current Advent Calendar, why shouldnt I take advantage of that income stream.