new week

Another offering at the Saturday Farmers’ Market from me…a ward against all badnessWe had a small rainstorm yesterday afternoon which took away all the humidity and left us with cool breezes and temperate temperatures. It is summer perfection as I look out the window at the amazing light that happens this time of the year, stagelight almost—illuminating the usual, and focusing it…to make everything otherworldly and beautiful. I could fuse with the cloud bowl overhead…as it is remarkable this morning.

All the offspring are upstairs snoring. I am going to have to rouse them so as to go to work this a.m. It is a perfect morning for golf, a run or in Kitty’s case, to organize her things for another Hampshire year as her next chapter starts in another week.

Shady is curled up, running in her sleep. Mr. White has been murdering rodents around here…and has the wildlife population all shaking in their boots. The birds are quite chatty with the White around, telling each other to “watch out, that cat is trouble”. The rodents are not skilled communicators as the the birds are. Their loss.

Mr. White has a 6 hr. cycle that consists of finding and killing a rodent (a mole, a mouse, a baby rabbit, a chipmunk) (4 hrs); devouring the entire creature from tip of tail to tip of ears often leaving nothing but one gizzard and maybe a foot; and then the final digestif, the protein inspired sleep that occurs while hugging a shoe or something odd. And then the cycle begins again. To think he has the audacity to even ask for kibble given the amount of eating he has been partaking of. Mr. White is staying at the Luckystone for the summer…and the Greys are chez Camp as all the cats need a vacation from each other…and we want Mr. White to keep the one functioning eye that remains. TJ has other plans.

This week promises the community dish to pass at the Farmers’ Market tomorrow. Wednesday is the Farmers’ Market with a Movie Night. Saturday is one of the trial Saturday Markets (with yours truly with her own table of stuff and nonsense to sell). We will see if there is any traction around that. Rob is doing Nascar stuff over next weekend. Alex might have a camping trip with friends. Kitty has friends in and out…and about. Rob is in NYC for a few days and a sleepover. So, even though I just started talking about this more as a way to organize myself, it seems there is quite a bit going on after the workday—so time to buck up and write a plan so as not to forget anything.

Time to wake the babies.