Parade Day

Back of the Grange Float, Trumansburg Firemen’s Parade, 2012, Q. CassettiIt was a brilliant day. Brilliant and still attempting to be summer. So much so the Mister and I took a lovely swim in the deep and cold Cayuga—surrounded by the cloud bowl, bobbing and admiring the screeching gulls and the jumping fish. We coaxed Junior Mister into the drink, and he cooled down after a hot nap on a velvet couch.

Then it was off to the Trumansburg Firemens’ Parade, for me, a highlight of the summer. You probably know that I am a big fan of fairs, of parades—of anything showy, and fun…and the Tburg Parade delivers all with an extra bump of anything you can drive is extolled and celebrated. There were Fire and EMS Companies from all around from Ovid and Interlaken, to Mecklenburg to Speedsville (!! imagine), to our hometown Pride…and then some.  There were the Vets from the Legion.the Trumansburg Robotics Club (count 3 members), The GirlsScouts, Brownies and Daisies; The Tburg Snowmobile Club, The Tburg Old Car Group (with lots and lots of old cars). The Ulysses Philomatic Library was there with a stellar “Hungry Little Caterpiller” and a teensy butterfly. Napa Autoparts had a huge paper mache (oddly Ulysses Philomathic Library in the Trumansburg Firemen’s Parade, 2012, Q. Cassettiproportioned) truckers hat to represent them. There was the local Republican Candidate giving out the best candy. There were twirlers and flag wavers. Of course there was the glamorous and very haircentric Dairy Princesses waving in tatty prom dresses. There were enormous tractors with 12 wheels across and a go cart or two. There was the Baptist Bible Camp float. And Little Venice, one of the local watering holes had a pirate ship with a booming cannon with, as Rob proclaimed “the usual suspects” otherwise known as the regulars decked out in pirate gear. There were wheels and wheels and wheels.  Did I mention piles of candy being thrown? I hope next year, we can garner some support for the Farmers Market to walk in the parade with golden crowns made of hot glued plastic corn? I think it would be most excellent.

Alex is off to a concert at Cornell and to meet up with some of his classmates to  see how their first week has been. We are gathering up steam to get Alex launched. Today we filled out his voter registration form and oogled his schedule, penciling it out to see how his time was going to work out. Rob and I may go over to Seneca Lake to stand outside on the glorious porch of Two Goats Brewery, and savor the early evening light over the lake, with the vineyards rolling green until it hits blue. This is the place we live, the place other people go on vacation.