Red Leaves

Seahorse Valentine, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS5.1It is always a surprise when summer begins to wind down into fall. The blistering days shift one day after the promised rain arrives, and washes all the heat and humidity out of the sky leaving us with cool breezes, brilliantly clear sunshine, and days that stretch into blazing sunsets that blend a dirty blue to pink to hot red without a dull color or brown in the ombre. The green of summer mellows to olive and surprisingly, under some of those autumn green leaves, scarlet ones peek out like bird plumage.

This coming autumn is not the same. Though we are participating in this seasonal change that will motivate us to sweaters, layers and boots from swimsuits and sandals, our last fledgling is leaving the nest. I wait expectantly, hoping all will work out, quizzing Rob about his impression as to whether everything will work out, and dwelling on this immenant change for our son— knowing that once shoved out of this comfy nest (that he doesnt even see as comfy), he will beat his wings and begin to fly—It just might take those long seconds of having him figure out that this is his option. Our boy has always been a bit of a late bloomer, and in the spirit of consistency—he may deliver on that—but he inevitably figures it out—and succeeds. But this quiet waiting is tough though Alex continues to live the life of hanging out with friends, drinking coffee every morning with Eleanor, having bros here to eat and spend the night, golf and weight lifting. He is oblvious to the momentous shift, a life earthquake, looming in the near future….blissfuly being the high schooler he knows.

I need to get him some totes so as to be able to goad him to pack. The aspect that Alex is going to college in a week really hasn’t registered with him…but it has with me. Jeez. Time to get that sharp stick out.

There was a little swimming this weekend albeit was cool and we were not able to stay in for very long. The brisk water was wonderful, shocking us to sleep and dream into the late afternoon. I guess this is our little vacation. Next week will be wild—with our going to Hempstead to deliver Alex, and then swinging up to Amherst to get Kitty settled. Rob will be going to NYC after that, with me taking a bus home to get to the office. 

The Farmers Market is going full bore. We are well into the season with September and October to go. We have our little building in gear which has helped folks to have a “customer service” window to get tokens for the market for their food stamps and get information. I have a feeling that this is only going to be stronger as we go further into the year. I am looking into new methods of promoting the market for next season (billboards, bus signage).