Octopus brushes, Q. Cassetti, 2012Rob is at Watkins Glen taking in NASCAR and all that is promises. Alex is on a fishing trip in Roscoe, NY (complete with a single day fishing license). Kitty is packing in style. She is sporting red, white and blue, Jeffrey Campbell amazing heel/ booties (way over 6” tall) (and she bought at a second hand store in NYC) combined with black hot pants and a sheer white teeshirt complete with a black bra. She looks fabulous. Not my choice to do packing…but it works for her and entertains me. Kitty and I watched fashion shows on YouTube, something that is becoming something we love to do together. It was such fun doing something that simple, I envy her friends who get large doses of our Girl in the Newspaper Dress (the name of her Tumblr blog).

Kitty and her friend, Martha, turned me on to an amazing pair of brothers, John and Hank Green, the VlogBrothers, a video blog phenom, influencers of another generation, funny and giving people who are famous due to their own creativity going directly to people. Brother John Green is a well recognized Young Adult writer/novelist. So, with that strong recommendation, I picked up John Green’s Paper Towns which I finished today—amused, inspired and in love with this new writer! I highly recommend this book which blends Walt Whitman with high school kids, and a lot of questions of idenitity, future, life and living. I am going to start another Green book tonight. Cannot wait.

Got a shingles innocuation and a renewed whooping cough shot on Friday. My arm is ouchy…but it was so great to see the doctor, talk about all things health and healthy…and plans for the new school year for yours truly. It was great to get all things checked out…so I can go forward into the new year ready to rumba.