Patchouli scented carnies

Farmers’ Market Mercantile, Q. Cassetti, 2012Bless Nigel. He is the funniest person in fully grasping the whole Tburg/ Grassroots thing—captioning ideas, coining ideas, personifying types of people. He captured one type as a patchouli scented carney…with his making up imaginary conversations, and exchanges. The tattooed and tiedyed are all in force…randomly walking across the streets without looking after having clogged Rabbit Run with tents and campers getting ready of their festival. Grassroots management changed the rules this year with respect to people getting in the gates to set up for reserved camping. It was kooky time today with streams of cars clogging Camp Street, Elm Street, Camp Street, Rabbit Run in festival preparation. Facebook is winking and blinking with local folks upset with this change in the traffic patterns here in the Burg.

Nigel had us all yucking it up as today is day that every Tburger anticipates like Christmas, the opening of GrassRoots Festival of Music and Art. The crew is cranked. Last night was the opener at BarAngus with lovely Amy Glicklich Puryear and her Double E band as well as Bob Champion and the American Hell Drivers. It was an amazing time with great music, really fun and interesting people, delicious food created as a gift for the attendees, and the cool evening air after the hot, humid day.

However, in preparation, Alan Vogel and Rob honchoed the annual “Community Build” for Grassroots which was decided to be our Market Manager/ Customer Service Window at the Trumansburg Farmers Market. A team of less than 2 dozen people, many of them the top of the local field of craftsmen, artisans, artists, managers who have given time and skill to this project which is showcased at Grassroots and then moved to our market for next Wednesday’s market. This 10’x10’ building will house an adult side and a kids’ market/store side along with a ladder to the second story seating space (complete with a fire pole to slide down to the first floor). I will have a bulletin board, a clock and shelves for the manager. We can amend / add things as soon as we settle into the final space (maybe a space for banners on the roof). And those amazing guys slugged it out during the blistering hot weather to build this beautiful add to our market in such an efficient manner. We are so so lucky.