Whirlie Bird

First Round/GlassLab/ Soft Serve cones., Q Cassetti, Eric Meek, GlassLab team, 2012I am in a whirl of work, thinking about cameos, soaps, molding, resin casting, and the things one can do with jump rings. I am thinking of squid, octopus, and of all things, Baba Yaga. Its the mixmaster of no focus. And I am the mix mistress of no focus. I am waiting—impatiently, to see what is going to snap me out of the funk. So, I am learning a lot about molds, epoxy resins, my new accucut craft machine, and soap molding. Kookie. Who knows—resin squid? squid soap? A witch who rides an octopus? I am a bit confounded. Soft Serve Squid?

Speaking of Soft Serve. The picture to the left is of the samples we generated last week with GlassLab at Governors Island. I think the direction is good, but we will need to work on the proportions of the cone and the taper of the top (with the curl) of the ice cream. Part of the research that keeps me spinning but not engaging, was research on fake food…to see how soft serve is rendered. Here are a few good ones:
Just Dezine 
• Fake Food made in Japan (the best) 

Plus, there is a very cool nugget I discovered which was Kappabashi Market on Kappabashi Street which is recognized as THE place for plastic food models. I searched Flickr just to get an eyeful and I am ready to put the plastic down and buy a ticket to get myself to that amazing place. I was secretly hoping that I could surface a wonderful online resource that brings this terrific Japanese display art to us in the US. I made a few hits, but not my dream opportunity. I checked AliExpress and DHGate as well (Chinese vendors) being disappointed that there was no real resource for this sort of thing. Curious? Right? There are complex soap molds on ebay that rock the house. Yes, I am fried…and am itching to hit on something to illustrate. 

Rob has been on the road since Saturday and will be home tomorrow.  He has been really hitting it between the hot weekend on Governors Island to meetings in Manhattan. Alex is needing to be shuttled down and back to the State Theatre for Oklahoma and Tech Week as they are going live this Friday/Saturday/Sunday. We have been having really nice chats during our commute—about the music of Rogers and Hammerstein, the meaning of the show, the time of the show, lighting, and how musical theatre speaks to my boy particularly the music. He is quite interesting…and if I live in his zone, it is fascinating to hear what he had to say, how he interprets his world, and where he gets excited.

Alec and Alex’s graduation party was on a very hot and humid evening. I had injured my knee (PCL) and the doctor said no to my being on my feet cooking  hamburgers for 50. So, we had pizza delivered.  I made a two complete 4 gallon batches of lemonade, and we went through 10 bags (!) of ice! At least everyone was hydrated in this blistering heat. Our guests were entertained with lawn games, walking around the back forty in little groups. They played “Kan Jam” and Kubb. Ben M. brought his DJ set up and played a great mix of very listenable music. Alex was a gentleman and such a help to me, a prince indeed.

Needing to prep. Friday is opening night for Alex. The tickets are ordered. However, Rob and I have been invited to participate in brainstorming an idea at Sagamore. So we are doing an up and back to the Adirondacks Friday/Saturday so as to be able to see 2 out of the 3 performances of Mr. Alexander in Oklahoma. Need to charge  up the phone and get going….maybe even get some laundry in.

Speaking of birds, Mr. White was peacefully digesting and giving himself a bath after another outright murder of a big blue jay. All the other jays are divebombing him and screaming. Quite a scene, and Percival B. White couldn’t care. Just another day for a serial murderer.