what a treat

Alex and I are sitting happily all plugged in, and rolling on the magnificent Cornell Campus to Campus bus. He is busy with music and creating playlists on YouTube, and I am saying hi to you. Rob and Kitty on on hot Governor's Island staying in a hotel were the air conditioning is broken throughout the entire building. It promises to be a scorcher,, so having a cool, quiet time on the bus will be welcome. We have comfy seats, a place to plug in, tray tables, foot rests, coffee, soda and fruit. Plus, we have a very cheery, nice driver who seems to have a little comedy act to make it even more friendly and neighborly. I think we will be planning to do this again real soon. It is so so much more nice than the public bus.

I went crazy with herbs and scents at Sweetland CSA yesterday bringing home some lettuce, a big chinese cabbage and then big bags of cilantro, basil and mint. I am chopping the cilantro and basil (separately) with a touch of olive oil and freezing for the time when we need to whomp up salsa or pesto. Alex is still working off the pesto I made a few weeks ago. So the leaves were flying last night in preparation. I need to get this stuff out of the way as I have party prepping on the list for next Friday--that cannot deter me. So much so, I am going to do the CSA cha cha on Tuesday next week to leave Friday open for just that.

I was busy looking at lubok work and think I might give it another spin to get my head moving again. Still in creative free fall.

July starts tomorrow. Its going to be a nutty month with GrassRoots, with our participation in a pilot program at Sagamore, the GlassLab event tomorrow,Hofstra's orientation, Oklahoma prodction and more. This is all outside of a busy 9-5 experience. I will just need to hang on and try to keep moving in a positive direction.
Please try to stay cool. We will be.