I am going to need to pack sunscreen and sunglasses for the romp to Governor’s Island this weekend. Did you see my blurb on the GlassLab site? Legit, as Alex would say….>> I spent a bit of time last night as I was beginning to get a fever and didnt want to move too much—scanning the web to see what was beautiful (orange and white swirl, red and white swirl, a dirty olive green and a dirty purple swirl, and the best of all, a grey soft serve (Black Sesame from Japan).  Japanese soft serve flavors are of course, japanese…and very different from our chocolate or vanilla or swirl offering. There is a great Flickr image of a display of flavors, and another with toppings and sprinkles (!); one with ruffly tops on the cones  (all in plastic just like the magnificent plastic sushi) from Black Sesame, Sweet Almond, Wasabi, Green Tea, Molasses with Soybean, Cherry Blossom, Melon, grape, cantaloupe, lemon. I discovered that the Dairy Queen cone (see to the left) is a blop/blop with the perfect pigtail at the top versus the extruded shape that is laid on the cone (like a coil built pot) that is the icon we think of when we think of soft serve. And instead of a pigtail that curls back onto the top puff, it is a gentle curve that does not touch the body of the cone. Are you fascinated yet?

Can you resist the graphics below?

I must admit, I cannot. This spurs me on to keep shopping for the perfect ice cream truck to run in the Trumansburg area. Maybe Wasabi soft serve or ginger (with Melissa Madden’s ginger)? This ice cream truck thing has me possessed for many years…searching on ebay for the perfect italian ice cream truck—with a funny awning and terrible music (Pop Goes the Weasel first verse, no chorus) and sublime treats.

Turns out, the cone concept can go somewhere…with color, with glass treatment, etc…and the funniest thing is that the map of Governors Island is yes, an ice cream cone (hard/scooped in a pointy waffle cone). Rob is encouraging me to do a governors island cone, but  I will see if the energy is there.I  should probably do a little thinking before getting on the island to see if it could be amusing or even workable.

I am creatively trying to bump myself off center to get the juices flowing. So, I am working on black paper with the touted Uniball Signo pen—four stars from JetPen).The Signo is a very flowy, opaque white gel pen that loves the black paper…and working in reverse has been fun. I am waiting for it to engage. More paper needs to be burned before I call it a flop. As always, I am impatient for the work to start emerging. It will. I just need a little faith, a lot of paper, and time.

Alex and I are on the Cornell “Campus to Campus” bus tomorrow to get to NYC. No stops—and wifi (!) So, I figured this would be a good first step getting the boy to NYC (and his mother) for the fun on Sunday. Back on Monday via car with Rob. Then there is the community dish to pass on Tuesday, the 4th on Wednesday, Thursday off and Friday—graduation party for Alex and Alex (60 guests). I am exhausted thinking of all of this. So much to buy…so little time.