Hurray for the Fathers!

Thank goodness for Fathers. If Rob hadn’t been a father, I might not have been a mother…and we grew each other up into the respective parent we have become. This parent thing is a feat for every individual that chooses to engage in the process—and to have my co-parent be such a loving, kind person that it is fun to be a team with is a blessing indeed. His patience, understanding and love has helped temper my rage, stupidity, and harshness with our two offspring that they haven’t been too damaged my my “hate” and hostility. They mainly laugh at me these days thanks to his direction and sweetness. He is our oak tree. He is the scent of damask roses on a wet morning. He is my ray of sunlight every morning…and my children share in my feelings.

Thank you, Robbie for being all of our father. The journey has be all the more wonderful with you in it…helping to guide, direct, listen and hear to prompt action and understanding.

Man, its been busy here. Done with big projects. Done with little projects. Kitty’s passport came. Alex is in the lineup to graduate. There are some tough family related things due this week…so Rob has changed his calendar to reflect all of that. We have been lakeside for the past two nights and I proclaimed to Rob that I was moving here immediately. Let the Summer Begin! Bossy me.

The picture to the left is of Gold Dust Lounge, an amazing surfer noir band that Rob discovered in Miami at Art Basel. Gold Dust Lounge makes this music that essentiallybecomes a sound bubble (no kidding) that embraces and sweeps the audience away with them. I love being in that sound bubble, riding the sonic waves, thrilling toGold Dust Lounge with Rob, Alex and Elly at the Corning Museum of Glass, May 2012the surf, the twang and the racing road these guys take. Rob was so taken with them that they were invited to play the May 2300˚ event. Turns out, they loved coming here, the experience, the people, the spur to their creativity. We know, whats not to love…but they get it, and us. Plus, they are so great and cool, we may see them again soon. However, if you want to see them, they are the regular Friday music offering at the Miami Standard Hotel (confirming coolness all over the place). Guess who else is a big big new fan? You guessed it, Boy Wonder is too. Check out that look on his face! This is just the beginning.

Kitty is plugging into the fashion fun in NYC.  She is working away, and in her spare time, she is taking in a little culture (the new Prada/Schiaperelli show at the Met).She saw someone from the TV show ” Say Yes to the Dress” and introduced herself. She was waiting in line to see “Project Runway” filming in NYC and saw Michael Kors on line. Kitty went to shake his hand…but he was seconds from going on, but Kors did something even better, he told K. that she looked “fabulous”! She was working her 40s hairstyle (a crazy underpinning of her bangs to make this long loopy fringe on her face). She easily pulls it off (as with her pearls, white blouse, and longer black skirt she recently wore to class…and I am sure she looked fabulous (and she knows it). Her weekend job starts soon, so she needs to grab as much as she can (though Fridays are free of school).

I am working on Abe Lincoln illustrations (1 hr for the last two—and will continue on these quickies). I may do one of Abe’s dear friend, Joshua Fry Speed…just to make a couple shot…Ezra Cornell will be on my list too. Have to believe Cornell just might be interested? I am also rethinking the work I will be doing with GlassLab.

I am participating in the GlassLab installation on Governors Island with the Corning Museum of Glass in association with the Graphic Design show the Cooper Hewitt is showing this summer. I was and still am working on a Russian  Nesting Doll, a Burka Nesting Doll idea but as it was so surface focused, Rob suggested (and I agree) that I reconsider things that might be showier on the stage. So, I am working on 1) a loving cup inspired by valentines (hearts, birds etc); 2) A cloche for a cakestand that is a cake; 3) (my current favorite) a huge soft serve ice cream cone inspired by the illustrations all around here and last but not least; 4) cupcake (a really fun cupcake, not the lump that happened at Steuben-)-but crisp and fun and swirly.