Work in Progress, Lincoln, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS5It went from blistering hot to sweater weather in two days. We have a farmers’ market this afternoon—and hopefully the weather will hold and the rain will happen afterwards. It was a great sleep night with blankets, snoring stinky dogs, and a lovely breeze to whisk us away to the dark, dreamless place that seemed so close.

Mei Mei was playing with a young rabbit this morning. I chased her away to give the bunny a chance. Three times chasing away, and the bunny lost. Mr. White was watching the antics with Mei Mei, growling in his throat and running from door to doo.  We launched him…and he grabbed Mei Mei’s prize and made quick work of transforming toy into breakfast. He kept wanting to eviserate this  critter in the center of the back porch—which I prevented by chasing him and his prize with a shovel, threatening to take this snack away for Tucker, the Hawk. Mr. White got the message and all was right with the morning.

I posted a slide show to the Tburg site to put some new images up of the market and begin to get some sort of buzz going about the music, the beautiful things to buy and eat, and the general nice community thing that seems to be going on. More pictures today. I think I should post some portraits of people who work at the market and some more of the shoppers. Toivo, our resident TexMex Finnish group is playing so Rich Koski and his photogenic accordion may make the photo album for this week( I can hope).

Speaking of the Farmers’ Market, I need to remind myself to take a picture of the new fence by Alan Vogel and John Ullberg. When we (Alan, John and I ) were at the potluck, we noticed the attraction of going to the top of the embankment for all the littles in the area. Alan and John volunteered to do a fence, a quick fence to take the burden off the parents a bit. Our plan is to have whirligigs on the top of it to make the market seem more active and interesting…and they (John and Alan) just built the fence over the weekend, lickety split. Now Alan wants us to pencil in time for people to make the whirly gigs in his shop. How lucky are we to have such amazing civic people.

Rob has been away and will be back for a day or so before he heads out to Toledo for the Glass Arts Society (GAS) conference. Alex’s last day was yesterday. Today there is golf and being outdoors. We will see if there is play practice and his plans for the week. He could be going to Hofstra as early as next week for his orientation, but we will need to see if he is accepted for that date.

Did I mention that Kitty has a blog? Take a look. Her brain is working…

Girl in the Newspaper Dress>>

I am back on doing some portraits of famous people this summer. I am thinking of Presidents and political people…but that is subject to change. There are so many original photos of Lincoln, I am going to do a few of him as a warm up. Its fun to work fast and see what happens. This is a work in progress. The image is just the first blush. I need to do this. Chop building.