Inspired by Nesting Dolls: A Cat, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS5We visited StoneCat Cafe yesterday evening to see the new pictures on the wall…the tulips and the tulips on a black field along with a pair of monkeys. It all looked so great, I am tempted to have a few more output and stretched to take the theme further. These big graphic florals really snap up the space and make it very chic. Hurray for the Stonecat. Hurray for me! What a bragger I am. ( will post pictures as soon as I can connect the camera and see what is in that collection of shots).

We spent the night at the lake—revelling in the beautiful spot we have, and admiring the grass that it took Rob three passes to cut. Lush doesnt even begin to describe it. All my little bunnies were snug in their happy beds doing what they do lakeside—eat, sleep, talk and when the time is right, swim. Our visitors’ funny and smart dog took the first leap of the Summer into the lake…happily taking the prompt from his mistress to take the plunge. If dogs could smile, he was grinning from ear to ear.

Did I mention that I am married to a saint? Well, now you know it. Rob got up early this morning to do a round trip to NYC with Kitty to get her set up at FIT with mirrors and sewing machines, boxes of tea and teapots, and of course things to wear. Our plans to go to New York were scuttled by our girl who really didnt get her stuff packed until the end of day yesterday leaving no time to travel. So there you have it. Another mark in the golden book for Rob. 

My plans are to do some plant poisoning (good by thistles)…and laundry. Maybe Alex and I will go do something fun (can you say Avengers?). Am working on more russian dolls for a meeting tomorrow and interesting things are evolving from the shape. Lets see where this goes.

I know its crazy, but I am thinking a lot about my new home diecutting machine I ordered with a stationery show discount, the Accucut. I hesitate to rave too much as you might immediately put me in the category of scrapbooker (a creative endevor I wish I could better understand…but it is a creative outlet and that is a good thing). However, the Accucut is used by scrapbookers to make essentially paper findings to build memory books with paper and glitter, rhinestones and photographs, ticket stubs, and flowers to document their lives in the most robust way. What that means to me is that there are dies (with creases) that I can buy to cut out my artwork,make cards, folding cartons, coasters etc. right here. Diecutting is one of those points on the horizon for me …always “too expensive” or too promotional for my clients. However, now that I will have the ability to crank out shapes and package them—and if I really want to, have a die built just for me….then the world opens up to retail possibilities (like decorated masks?). And I have a local venue that is interested in my stuff. So hello cupcake holders, masks, boxes, stationery and more…. Should be a ton of fun…(at least for me).

Time to get the engines roaring. There are things to do!