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A bow to the Dutch, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS5Gloria and I are readying ourselves to go to Corning this evening for the opening of the “Making Ideas”, a  GlassLab show at the Corning Museum of Glass. GlassLab is a very cool, design oriented, mobile glass prototyping shop that the Museum travels all over the world to work with designers, artists, and creatives to explore glass as a material. There have been fabulous things created by GlassLab— and this show celebrates this unique offering the Museum has. I think I will take a pocketful of temporary tattoos for my friends.

Kitty is back at Amherst for commencement at Hampshire. Alex is hanging out in the music room with friends making random music. It sounds pretty good. The grass was cut today (with a bunch of things that need some severe ripping out/poisoning (ie thistles). I was thrilled to see my 6 sour cherry trees survived the winter (what there was of winter) and two have little green cherries on their spindly, small branches.

Seems like Mr. White is in the young squirrel chase these days.  Two in one day…and more to come. Lucky Tucker the Hawk, he has been the recipient of these snacks which his person is so happy and thankful to pick up. Good for Mr. White…back on his game, leaving us beautiful prizes outside our door. What with Tucker the way he is, I am eyeballing roadkill in an entirely different way. I almost pulled the car over for a skunk until I realized that wouldnt be the best idea for anyone. Possum, yes. Squirrel, surely. Maybe even a bird or two…but nothing stinky.

Tomorrow are errands and Sunday we drive to NYC for Surtex, the licensing show. I am anxious to see how people are doing business, how they display their work, and the taste level etc. if its not a fit, I am planning on making a list of those folks I would like to work for…and develop a list to pursue the licensing folks within these organizations to make this happen. I do not want to be passive in this enterprise. However, I am anticipating a lot of thinking and talking in the next few weeks/months around this topic. I know the packaging/ comping/presenting world from my time as a graphic designer. I know about booths and promotion…have done it for others. Now its just understanding niche, the market itself, and how to plug in. Golly, I have made money for plenty of other people, why not myself?

Gotta go warm up the car…time to take the 1 hr. spin to Corning.