It's Here!

Gorgeous Roses from Vinegarden Florists of Trumansburg!Prom day 2012! Alex is going to the prom with Kyra. Sevi is going to the prom with Miss Eleanor Ann. There will be the traditional photo taking chez Camp (yay yay yay)…and then the traditional “Falls” photograph that every junior at Charles O. Dickerson HS needs to have in their memory book. I take my child’s picture and everyone elses as they are so darned cute…and are such big kids from the little we had just seconds ago. What an exciting time! So this year there is a limo, dinner in Watkins Glen at a hotel, and then the prom itself. Alex has a tuxedo (yay me for being smart last year and buying one online for boy wonder). He cannot find his cummerbund…and he has decided to bag it as he thinks they are stupid. Interesting from someone who is so about social protocol.

I had my delight this morning, going to the florist to pick up the corsages and as tradition has it, taking as many pictures as I can of the spectacular art Marcia has made with flowers. There they are in the cooler—organized according to last name and then numbered. Marcia has a point of pride in creating each corsage to being different and as she admitted, this year was tough as everyone was wearing purple or blue…and you know what the purple and blue offerings in flowers are. Few and far between…but with different ribbons, glitter and rheinstones, Marsha goes for broke and I get ramped up just from her ability to do variation on a theme so completely. Marsha was a complete doll letting me poke in her coolers to take pix (reference for the new Dutch Flowers series) and even boldly going behind the counter to take pix of the cream and cranberry tiny carnations. Prom Prom Prom. It is so much better to live the prom through one’s children than the reality of what that even was as a prom attendee (ho hum boring). And the clothes are so much better than when I went to the prom. Girls have the chance of actually looking beautiful…versus the nasty mid seventies everyone regardless of looks, looked terrible.

I better go wake up Prince Dauntless as his guests will be here in a half hour.