Such happy energy.

Pear Wreath 2, Q. Cassetti, 2012Oh my goodness.

The Great Local Foods Network event was unbelievable. Beyond awesome, beyond marvellous. It was what this blissful area is the best at…gathering like people and giving them the environment to enjoy each other, the art and music of the area and valuing everyone in the room. I met a ton of new and exciting people, caught up with others and the time flew by. It took a good day to really come off the amazing energy that was in that space on Saturday.

We arrived around 4 to find a packed house with cars parked all over the place. We were greeted at the door with an energetic group of people making woodfired pizza and another grilling loads of chicken. Inside, there was a long white, table stretched from one end of the warehouse to the next, with bouquets of forsythia and people sitting, eating , chock a block, talking and laughing, welcoming those they knew and engaging in the activities of the afternoon. By the time we had reached the back of the Regional Access warehouse, we hit this oasis of amazingly delicious, and beautifully presented food…salads, enormous wheels of cheese, bread by the basketload, pasta, spreads, dips and dessert representing every color and flavor on the color and taste wheel. There was the silent auction room filled with things to bid on from jewelry to accupuncture, from bags of beans to cases of wine…even some of my prints (as singletons) were to be auctioned. A set of 8 of the fruit and veggie pix were auctioned off at a nice price with the owner delightfully telling me how happy she was (that is payment alone! right!).

So, it was perfection and we all cannot wait until the  next one (if there will be one)…to raise more money for our friends the new farmers and their activities—and have a chance on a dreary day to be transported to another place with friends and the energy they bring.

For some traditional Q. out of focus snapshots to get the jist of the event: here>>

I am off to a meeting (for the Farmers Market) to talk about the Community Yard Sale. So, I have to book…but just wanted to let you  know that I am still drawing breath…and am on a pink cloud.