Eggplant, Q. Cassetti, 2012, Adobe Illustrator CS5

We jumped in the wonderbus yesterday afternoon and made our way to New York City. I do not understand what got into me, but I was exhausted beyond belief. So upon our arrival, I settled in for an amazing nap (we stayed at the nice Hampton Inn on Peck Slip) and the boys took a remarkable walk, filled with man too man talk. We then had beer at Jeremy’s—a regular place with bras all over the ceiling, beer in plastic cups and a vocal bouncer who practically sang out who got the cheeseburgers on the floppy paper plates. We had snacks across the street at Keg 229, and finally dinner at a neighborhood place called Cowgiirl Mermaid which we were reluctant about (but all of our first and second choices were at least an hour late). but were pleased with our dinner and the closeness to the soft beds that none of us had any problems with.

This morning Rob had a meeting with an architect, so Alex and I zipped over to Century 21 to see what there was for the next few months of senior parties and events. We were not disappointed with shirts and a jacket and adorable ties. Alex delighted in the men that we asked for measurements—their brusque and chic way of selling. Alex practically danced with delight. As we had tiime, we walked back noting that there is a TKTS booth down in the Seaport area, and a remarkable Indian restaurant with several sparkling tandourris out in the dining space where they were ding kabobs and bread. We met up with Rob and he suggested as part of our brutalism tour of architecture, we would take a gander at the High Line and the new Standard Hotel (you know, my absolute favorite) in the Meatpacking district.

If you are familiar with the Meatpacking District, it is not, not not what it used to be. It now is a fun haven with locavore food, cool shops, places you want to hang out and soak in the rays along with the new unbelieveable High Line park. When we were living in NYC, the Meatpacking District was scary, threatening and very much a place you tried not to go to, especially in the evening and night. But the Standard built this amazing high rise with styling from the mid seventies—that celebrates meat (themes) in all the restaurants, and celebrates seventies urban glamour. I will not go on and on right now about every little detail (as I am want to do), but as usual, The Standard is a paradigm shifter and was the force to transition this dicey area into the chic-est of the chic. And FUN (all caps). Then Rob coaxed me onto the bridge park, the High Line, which was formerly the elevated railroad for the west side of town—and now is a planted park with all sorts of amazing moves (my favorite being an amphitheater that has raked seats spanning the middle of a street, with the “show” being the street. There was a water area where all sorts of little people skiddled through the water. There was an area with sunning benches with people eating lunch and soaking in the vitamin d. There are public and private spaces—with some open to the passagiata, and others screened by light trees and recessed into the architecture…but all of them nice and a tempting way to just spend the day on a brilliant spring Friday.

If that wasnt enough, there was a Dolce and Gabbana sample sale which I dragged the boys to. Some amazing things…and Alex humored me by letting me by him a silver/pearl velvet jacket that just plain shiimmers. He danced a little when he tried it on….so I knew he loved it. How New York is that…a fab sample sale to booooot=!

Then it was off to Chelsea Market, which i dont have the patience to get into…but it is the indoors farmers market for NYC with a thrust around locavore, local meats, local milk, local produce with everything from seafood to pastrami all available to eat in a very steam punky great interior. I will talk more when I can share my pix with you.

Now we are on the way home with the sun setting. There is a salsa type jazz thing on the radio—and we have finally broken out of the pack of folks leaving NY NJ.

Tomorrow my friends. Tonight its home and our snuggliness…