First day in March

Radish, Q. Cassetti, 2011, vector.Wow. Its a rainy day, but the sun shines in my heart. What a meeting for the Trumansburg Farmers Market we had last night! We had happy people who brought food, and all ate, talked and mixed it up.  We had couples, individuals and families with little people as well. Avi, our new market manager was amazing as was the board…being engaging, chatty, open with the response from our vendors being equally so. We had older farmers, flower farmers, younger farmers, Crooked  Carrot (the new CSK: Community Supported Kitchen), my friends from TreeGate Farm and more. I had the best chat with Mr. Wayne Waid and his wife Wanda about beekeeping and how he got involved. Mr. Waid used to work for a local printer and was printing a series of books for the experts at Cornell on beekeeping. He started reading the books…and it all came together after that. He told me about the Finger Lakes Beekeepers who have communal/teaching hives and they would welcome new members. HELLO….!. Think of all the talent, expertise and time we had in that room. Nothing seems impossible. It was positively energizing and exciting. We had such a great vibe that the new season is going to be fabulous.

Another fabulous thing just came to me from JetPens. You remember JetPens, right? the  pen company with lots of asian art supplies, office supplies, cool pens. To a gal like me, its a veritable candy shop. So, the new candy came in the mail, and I am over the moon with these two pens.

First one: Tachikawa Linemarker 0.5 mm: This is a manga/anime inspired fountain pen that is smooth, inky and lovely. Works like a charm on watercolor paper. A nice ink liner that is smoother than Rotring—and more fluid. Not scratchy whatsoever. Refillable and not too expensive.

Second: an amazing multipen(!)  The Pilot Hi-Tec (I have the 0.3mm but there is 0.5 and 0.7)/ One buys an empty body and can customize the ink cartridges (gel pens) that go into the body. There are bodies that can accomodate 2, 3, 4 and even 5 different colors (and or/ mechanical pen as well). The colors are outstanding (apricot and orange…bright green and dark green….lots of choices). It is a smooth, gliding line…and its click click click and you can move from my absolute, shout it from the hilltops favorite, “clear blue” (read non repro photo blue ink) to red to black. The soft blue transcends the verithin pencil as duh, you dont have to sharpen it, it doesnt dig into the paper, and best of all, its not waxy at all, so the ink doesnt bead up on the sketch lines. I am thrilled.

I have to run to turn off my vegetable stock. Gotta go.