It was superior duperior. Giants won. I grilled some burgers, made 3 lbs of wings and a pan of crab rangoon dumplings. Every scrap was consumed. We had a nice friend of Alex';s who never has seen football nor done the food thing, so he was delighted and delightful to have as a counterpoint to the gathering.Onwards to next Saturday which is the DJAQ danceathon. Alex (DJAQ) and friends have the music room rigged with all sorts of DJ equipment which they are going to let loose with on Saturday. Quite a buzz. He (Alex) told me we could supply water (nice, huh?) ;so I need to think about what to provide the 100 kids I expect to arrive. DJAQ seems to think we will have 20. But, he is not good with this sort of math, and somehow posting the invitation on Facebook might suggest a bit more. What do you think>?

I am vacillating on who and what I am. Am I an illustrator who designs? or a designer who illustrates? I have been, until very recently, a designer/illustrator yin yang. However, with the little projects on my desk I find myself wanting to draw a bit more, create lines versus replicating and editing photography. I find myself pulled by linear reference (Ganga Devi and surprisingly, Aubrey Beardsley and Harry Clark) and yet, at the same time, by the massive form man, Ludwig Hohlwein and his remarkable way to break a form down into simple shapes…glorious. I revel in the simple work of designers who illustrate as well (Paul Rand for one). And even now, I have two sets of sketch books, two sets of mis en place (a red and blue pencil for one and all the line work for the other in ink). Now, I find myself as a drawing designer who is creating illustrations (some as simple as logotypes) that can be derivative of forms but in their simplicity and abstraction can become symbols or logos. Then as a designer, I am crafting those illustrations to sit with the type in material, line and line width and then…fusing them together. This is far more deliberate these days and I am liking the results that I am seeing. Albeit, I am a bit itchy with the irregularity of it all.

Tonight there is the Farmers Market Board meeting. We are planning for the big meeting on 2/22 to introduce the board, introduce our new market manager, Avi Miner and to roll out the new year to this crew. Very exciting. There is a lot to do in the two hours we have alloted.

Onwards to work