Sugar Coated Advent 2012: Day Five

Sugar Coated Advent 2012: Day Five, My Sweet World, Q. Cassetti, 2012“We are star dust in the highest exaulted way…”

“The universe itself exists within us…”

Neil DeGrasse TysonDay

Five! Here is a little candy coated dream for you…with twisted marshmallow trees topped with candy corn stars, a cozy little cottage and the holiday mandala of shopping swirled with candy and calories and the insane energy we all need to put behind making special holidays for the people we love. Is the part of the Christmas world

I am spinning in my head, a kawaii world of candy and color, sugar and spice and everything nice…and a whole lot of confusion (that’s there for me). It is a world that is filled with ideas that are really out there, a space of freefall and floating, a space of stars and sky, nature and artiface.

I have been so, so taken with these amazing video poems made by the group Symphony of Science. I have been watching them as I wake up in the morning and am touched and delighted by their simple and profound messages that are delivered by scientists and physicists, and now thanks to PBS, Mr. Rogers, Julia Childs and Bob Ross (the “fire in the mountains” painter) speaking about happy little clouds. I suggest these videos as a little sugarplum…and as a little peek into some of my motivations these days….Such happy stuff.

“We are Star Dust” : Symphony of Science

“The Quantum World”: Symphony of Science

“Onward to the Edge: Symphony of Science

“Bob Ross Remixed: Happy Little Clouds: Symphony of Science for PBS Digital Studios

“Mr Rogers Remixed: Garden of your Mind”: Symphony of Science for PBS Digital Studios