Sugar Coated Advent 2012: Day Seventeen: Christmas Treat

Sugar Coated Advent 2012: Day Seventeen: Christmas Treat, Q. Cassetti, Trumansburg, NY Another week…and I have yet to burn out on these holiday images. More coming…some odd, some obvious. I am intrigued by using a few new tools including 3 D to get me into another space. Same type of stuff, just more trippy which is really fun.

You can see, I have a new brush or two (LACE!) and some new little gingerbread folk to add to the pile of configuration. I put it to the Facebook crew following this progression as to what to do next and some fun ones surfaced: a jack in the box (maybe or maybe not married with Mr. Punch, the acceptable wife beater of historic fame), a fruit cake(!),  a candy wreath? I have quite a few more (angels, Santa Lucia, a Krampus in this mode, Mr. Gifty and then some) so I do not think boredom will factor into this project, yet. What this rolls into (a more yokai exploration of things Japanese and really try to be uber cute?) Dunno. No reason to worry about it as I have miles to go before I sleep.

The pins and cards are moving at Sundrees and at Petrune. Petrune placed another order (rings and brooches…no more pendants)…and I am trying to figure out the transition of the holiday stuff to the Valentines Day merch. Believe it or not, we have it. And, I will need to print out singleton valentines for sale too. Plus, I have the Q Company card that needs to be designed and printed. I am thinking postcards as the holiday cards (going in the mail today) are pricey as they are square/3 panel deals that I had printed at a discount printer on line (2 up) and then we diecut/scored them on my new little diecutter/the Accucut. Such a cute trick.

Another thing I am pursuing is having some linen teatowels printed with my illos on them…? or even some linen napkins. I found a cool resource (US, no less) that I am going to pursue soon. They not only offer custom printing but also sewing(!).

Rob is off to a meeting in Albany. Kitty and Alex are home tomorrow. The week is encrusted with meetings and projects, christmas wrapping and grocery shopping…and then the small blissful times I have to potter on the ‘puter.