New and Noteworthy

Detail, Fruit Brooch, Qtoo, Q. Cassetti 2012There is so much swirling around here I am just going to give you a quick note and hopefully get back on track and talk more frequently.

First, I was just voted to be on the board of the historic Great Camp Sagamore in the Adirondacks. This is ana amzing place that I have talked about from time to time, and love in my heart…so it hopefully will be a joy and blessing to be able to work for the benefit of this remarkable historic place. It is one of those historic places you can tour…and then if you are lucky, you can stay.

Second, Brand new top secret project. Thrilled to the top of my head to the bottom of my toes.

Third, I am now fully on board with Etsy. (We will get into this soon as there is so much to share). I am selling cameo jewelry, tiny food jewelry at Qtoo  ( Halloween sale going on for anything with a skull, owl or the like (20% off). I decided to split my illustration work out at Qillo,( a separate shop as they do not mingle well and it just makes sense to me. Surprisingly, these shops are selling and as I dig down into really better understanding how this all works, it is clear that there could be a nice secondary income stream that comes from this work. We have about 1-2 sales every day which doesnt sound like much, but it is getting the work out there and  we do not have much traction as these sites are less than 8 weeks old. Plus, I am looking at Big Cartel (recommended by a friend) as a second channel to get the work out. All of this is hitting for illustration far more than advertising in the Directories, and I can actively touch the people buying this stuff and respond immediately. Sundrees, the cool gift shop in town, is moving. They will be carrying my pins  and my prints. So, it may begin to pull. We will see.

I was stunned this morning in the morning thinktime in the shower. Here I had been fighting trying to get on board with a new body of work…and fighting it, I noticed that i wasnt going anywhere. I am, though, and that is back on the vector train. Huh. So, you will see new vectorstuff when I can show you…and see how it all works out. I need to just plain relax and let the fog clear.

We are having a benefit for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier this p.m. from 4-6 (invite only). So, I bought 2 dozen tiny pumpkins and gourds, 4 gorgeous (and not expensive!) goose neck gourds and 5 pumpkins along with Indian Corn and mums. The caterer is coming. The band is coming…and we are tweaking and fluffing. I am looking forward to having this finished.

Must go…as I am delaying the need to function and be nice (tough going for this girl). I would rather hide under my bed…and I have been up here to get goodies to offer (stickers/postcards)….So, I must go.