Ithaca Grafitti, Q. Cassetti, 2011First day of Yearbook today. Nice crew of kids. Mainly girls, but some old friends from last year have signed on again—which is terrific. There are some chatty girls with ideas—so that should be good if we can harness them. I have hope that this year may not be the hump that it was last year to make the book happen. 

Today is one of those rainy days that begs for stock making…and so I am with lovely celery from Sweet Land CSA that I got yesterday. My, when you don’t buy celery, elegant grocery store green stalks, but get it new from the farm, it has all the parts that I love—all the loveagy leaves to roast with the parts, the carrots, onions and leek parts my mother in law leaves for me (she only uses the tip/ the white part). I will take any part of any leek and save it for my roasty stock. Bring on more turnips and carrots for my soup. And, inspired by the amazing Anna Root, stockmaker to the stars, all the greens and ends I should gather and combine to enrich the whole thing. Now that I am in my tower, shivering with wool on—the stock season is at hand.

My computer is acting up again. Making me crazy. However, now that I have my friends at Baka, I can call and they can confirm that no, I am not crazy, and yes, we will have to wipe the darned hard-drive. Jeez. Its never easy. I just hate loading new software, finding old software, the fonts the fonts the fonts….and then all the add-ons that I have in symbols and brush libraries. Oh, how I hate it. And it seems like this is my only option. Tedious, tedious, tedious.

I took a brief tutorial on Lynda.com on how to make fancy swirls using the swirl shape—and how to manipulate the tool to make it do more than it appears to be able to do. Love Deke McClellan and how clear he made the process. I just wish the computer would work so I could try all this stuff out. Yes, I have the miraculous powerbook—but its not the same as the big operation.

Rob leaves us tomorrow for Miami. Lucky duck. Alex and I will have some nice bro time together.