new year blessings

Yesterday for me was a full study hall. I completed a publication layout that was kind of fun, taking all the parts and trying to fit it all together, while adding some design editorial by blowing up some images, laying somethings behind the text, modifying some of the typography (sounds only a dog can hear…) but neatly wrapped up as closed to finished as I can do so now. I also took the opportunity to read the image requirements for both the Society of Illustrators NY and the Society of Illustrators LA annual shows. I made a list of the images I plan to submit and quickly went through and saved the files out (different requirements per show) to separate folders. So, now I am ready to do the electronic paperwork to make that happen. I can stage it all by the end of September, and be efficient at posting all the above. It did make me relook at last week’s portrait and decide to modify it…just so slightly… and maybe to shake the copy off the Tim Pinckney poster for the Hangar—to see if the crew would like a really graphic illustration.

Interestingly, this review was a great thing to do. I really hadn’t critically looked at the body of work from the past year— kind of afraid that there wasn’t much there. There have been so many little random projects from the Farmers Market, Advent Calendar 2010, india inspired work, portraits, logotypes with illustration, that there hasn’t been much cohesiveness to the work—and thus, I sold myself short. Honestly, it isn’t that the work has been skimpy—just slightly more untraditional explorations into style/ styling/ line and topics derivative of the content (india, russian dolls, leaves, vegetables). I guess as the topics have not cleanly flowed from one to the next, it turned out be little plates of dim sum and not a sumptuous feast. Lesson learned: keep going….most important thing is not to put the pen down. Just stay on it…even when it might be a bit boring because when it gets boring, sometimes that the moment when something interesting happens. You know, the unexpected…the ringer.

Kitty is packed. The wonder bus is packed. Alex’s paper is written and printed. Litter box is clean. Rob is listening to the radio and getting ready to finish cutting the lawn. So we go off with neatness and planning. A beautiful thing.

Time to wrangle the cats.
Time to move to the next chapter…I hope I can be ready for all it entails.

ps. if I were to rule the universe, the Empire of Q., I would make the first day of school, the first day of the new year. So much hope. So much anticipation. So much fear and expectation. So much promise.

To quote Alex, “Peace Out”.