still here...barely.

Team Captains: Mom and Dad!Just back from the xc meet at the school. This is an annual event that always has been a beautiful early evening….always. But the dark skies and promise of rain in the morning, it seemed impossible that this iconic fall day which we always have was within reach. And then after all the flurry and rage of the day— a culmination of days and weekends of work, the skies cleared and we had blue skies, red trees and all the glorious kids running and eating with happy gabbing parents on the sidelines. It was so lovely…and as it has been Alex’s 6th year (since 7th grade) and bittersweet seeing the little seventh graders so ardently running with the new parents not seeing the path they are on. It is our last year and it doesn’t seem like the end of the time with our boy. When my pal Paul B. reacted to Alex’s interest in XC as the sport that is great and for the whole family, and he has been so, so right. I feel I am blessed.

The fun today came from the xc event with Alex and friends and the divine Charlotte (I promise, I will post pix) to picking up our share at Sweetland, visiting with a wonderful inspired friend who suggested we cook together (she is a rockstar so its a bit paralyzing…but a gigantic complement). It was a welcome break to commune with the broccoli, the smooshy onions, basil, parsley, and carrots (to my delight…these carrots are sensational). When things free up, hello basil picking and raspberries. My cool friend has been making beans with dill to her delight and pleasure. She was very directive about going out into the bed s and picking the youngest and finest kale…tender and sublime. Between my friend and the amazing Anna Root (…the interpretation of how to access and use our CSA changes and evolves as I engage in the world of our CSA.

I am crazy with vectors. I have been trying to do some very grown up work on a project…and driving myself crazy reading Von Glitscka’s Vector BootCamp, watching videos on how to use the arc and spiral tools, and the methodology that is not as impulsive and insane my go to place is. So, new notebook, new mechanical pencil and eraser signifies that I am trying. It is not simple to make the perfect compound curve let alone, see them. However…when it all works…wow.

Titania of XCTomorrow, Rob and I go off to Sagamore. I have the rough presentation in the computer. We need a bit of time away from the melee to really help the ideas to gel. I really do not want to come back to Tburg with a fully loaded schedule of all the things I need to do, and when I need to do it. It has truly been the week of do one thing, send it out, do a noter thing, send it out, correct the first version, correct the second version, send them out…and then it continues. There has been about 10 project in the mix-spinning like plates in a chinese acrobatic act. I hope that as we have been pushing out the iterations…maybe we can retire a few of these projects.

Gloria is here in a few weeks. Mary and Ron have guests that will be in the guest room. Jacob K. from the summer came back for Sunday dinner which was lovely and flattering as he said that the time we spent together really did change him. That time, those intense conversations really did make the difference— and he continues to share, think and talk with us. How lucky are we??

Our comfy sleep awaits. Just wanted to say I am still here…barely.