catch up a little.

Quiet. I am sorry I have been quite quiet. Monday was an up and back to Rochester for an appointment for Alex which was interesting and surprisingly draining for all of us. I was zonked. We have another session with this professional who may be able to help us understand a few things so as to be more effective and focused in the future. I am optimistic…but it is hard work for us all.I got back to the office and got back to doing work. Got some good/ interesting news on a project that they may do a little more than we had projected in the beginning. It could be great…but I am not holding my breath. Left foot, right foot.

No big computer still…it may deliver today. The computer definitely has decided to collect unemployment.

Yesterday, it was an appointment for me—and then the afternoon to catch up, do paperwork and planning for Sagamore. I am in the process of putting up a “Resources + Ideas” section (at the top) to share some of my ideas, vendors, resources etc. I will not have it all done by next Wednesday, but I will have enough. I want to put up links to all my favorite free, digital libraries— I am also making a slide show of stuff and hopefully, the more I push on this thing, the more focused it will be.

There has been no reading or drawing. I am right up against it…and need a moment to slow my thinking down.