Simple gifts

Green Man 16, Q.Cassetti, 2011, pen and ink; manipulated in Adobe Photoshop CS5I am decamping to the inner recesses of the Luckystone as Sausage Fest 2011 is in full swing. Three coils of italian sausage almost toast. Two dozen ears of beautiful sweet corn, done. Salad is aplenty.  The boys created a phallic playlist for the event, so there is plenty to listen to in addition to eat. I hear a bunch of high pitched giggles and squeals. They all sit as proud as can be in their lilac Sausage Fest teeshirts, gloating in their brotherhood of cross country. This is a nice way to start the season and get the guys to talk to each other, and get them all in the same place. I hope my son can rise to the position of leadership that he could.

Hopefully there will be good leftovers to make more Recycled Soup from. Def corn and sausage. If we have that, we have the start to something good.  The hometeam would def dig it. And as you know, sausage is a key ingredient.

Another great thing about Sausage Fest is that it is in prep for the CMU (Carnegie Mellon)Fest we will have next weekend. We will have around 20(that is the thinking now)of our design classmates from school (thirty plus years later) to hang out and visit next weekend with many staying with us or our friend Bruce. Having the unconditional eaters here today for the s. fest gets me thinking more simply and more expansively of the weekend. A bit of planning and thinking needs to happen this week in order to make things flow simply and smoothly. What can I do in advance and freeze?

Today started early to get Alex and Jacob to Hector for their run through the National Forest. It was so beautiful with a clear blue sky, the promise of fall in front of us, and just cool enough to make the run pleasant. Then it was off to the store to stock up on sausage and bread. I took that home and Rob decided to accompany me to Sweetland to pick flowers and scarf up a pot’s worth of Roma tomatoes to cook down. Such fun. We picked an armful of sunflowers all yellow and deep deep red/brown. Then, we went to the roma tomato row and with very little effort, filled up a bag (which filled up a large pot) of tomatoes to. cook.  45 minutes, we were done and drove it all to the lake so as to be able to settle everything to make sauce and flower arrangements later. (Note Later: the tomatoes and basil are simmering; a pot of sweet cherry, blueberry, peach and lemon jam is done and the plans for ginger peach is on the horizon for tomorrow).

Rob and I surveyed the poison ivy that needs to be irradicated along with some discussion on “limbing up” and outright changes with a rototiller and time. Stone steps and patios are being planned. Best to plan and then when things free up, we forge ahead.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a time to reflect and relax. I do not know of any deadlines, so hopefully we can swim and smell the hosta, savor the end of this glorious season before we need to say goodbye for now. We can feel the breeze and take pleasure in being together.