Up Early

The Green Man 4, Q. Cassetti, Pen and ink, manipulated in Adobe Photoshop CS5Up early to take Rob to Elmira to get on a plane to go to NYC. Lucky duck, he is staying at the new Standard Hotel on the High Line…so cool. Granted its work galore for him, but the perk of a cool  hotel is a nice cherry on top for him. We should see him late tomorrow.

It was a pleasant and quiet journey with shaggy, grazing Scottish Highland cows en route in the beautiful blue, green and gold landscape. Lush and summery. Promising rain with the clouds in the sky.

Kitty did a ton of work for me yesterday…remarkable how having extra hands, voice and legs working for you can really move the needle.  We are off trying to get answers for Hampshire questions, getting things to the bank and in the mail. She was great. Alex is plugging away with music and getting college essays started along with SAT coaching etc. It really is a wiggly, uncomfortable time for him…or at least thats the way it feels. I wouldnt want to be in that space.

I have a few portraits to do (just added to the mix) which should be fun. Additionally, there are some new pubs added too.

Lunch with the Hangar today. Should go get the plates spinning and get all the plans in place.