Steam Bath

Roses Past, Q. Cassetti, 2009HOT yesterday. In the nineties. Feels like the same today. David and John got the doors affixed. Today, there will be rock moving. OUCH. Poor Alex absoutely cannot handle it…so he lounged and groused. Kitty is better. Today we have trips to the doctor. Kitty has her job. Alex will melt at school. Shady is parked right in front of my cyclone fan. As long as the fan moves the air, I am good.

Rob is off on his travelling adventure. Kitty and Alex and I have each other…and the regime is changing where i am going to start bossing people around and making them get off their teenaged thing…and helping. I do not know what the psychology is, but when its one parent, they oblige so happily. They are more easily delighted (ie. we had salad for dinner last night and they were thrilled)…So, there may be a bit less lounging for the Teen Girl and Boy Squad.

I am busy with a new project using art that goes very small in final. So, I am finding that if I develop and ink the drawing on trace, and then build the illo on the computer, the work goes faster and much tighter/better work. I need to relook at the vector approach and simplify. I think that will come with drawing the forms on trace, scanning it in and then redoing it. Now that I have the how in process, I need to work on the what. Feeling dumb today. Ah well.

My calendar is buzzing me, telling me to wake Kitty up. And so. I shall.