And now, ladies and gentlemen, back to Spring!

Billy Eli at the Rongo 05/28/2011. Q. Cassetti, 2011From last Saturday’s Billy Eli concert. Wild Billy….who puts on an amazing show…a real pro. He is a Texas original complete with his own case of Lone Star beer we saw him pull out of his car an hour or so prior to his set. However, he has dear Trumansburg friends, particularly that of Eric Aceto, who is a very adaptable and remarkable musician who plays with Eli keeping up with his driving Texas drawl and guitar, his “honky tonk twang”. The best of the North and south.

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I thought I had lost the pictures as my memory card is a bit sticky, but hey…no problems. I really should get a slightly better point and shoot as I cannot get these distance shots too sharp..But, hey! pixels are free and I take such happiness from taking the shots. I like what the show lighting is doing to him…a split font approach to color from a red elbow to a purple face to the dark blue shirt that Eli is wearing…. Maybe a picture from this?

Thank goodness the heat spell has swept away to brisker, cooler, and less humid climes. The sky is blue and the haziness gone. After yesterday’s day centered between the fans, it is nice to have the sun and green, the cool breeze through my window and the floral scent of young ferns and wild purple phlox that are popping. The hot weather was a bit premature for this year. I am happy we are back to a more expected clime.

Rob has a late one tonight. Kitty starts her job at Funky Finds Thrift Company (our Main Street, fashionable second hand—“thrifting” clothing shop), to her delight and pleasure. Kitty is busy anticipating window design and merchandising. Its great to see her fired up to work! Alex is struggling to get the studying done for all the up and coming regents tests. I have to get the camp stuff for him done soon.

More alterations to do. New projects to start!