There's the Sun!

Bunny Matchup, 2011, Q. Cassetti, pen and inkMore tedious drawings of bunnies manipulated in photoshop. I am coloring this one as I like the rope heart and the challenge of pastels. I need to better understand this lighter palette and thus the coloring. Black to grey or tan, no white…less harsh.

The Yearbooks are done! Hangar is back with changes…so that gets fit in by end of day today. I have a brochure that is a field guide to glass patterns and some illustration for the big client (a continuous line illo which can be hard to do, but entertaining in the puzzle like aspect. There are alterations to the food illustrations (adding stripes and manipulating the hair drawing to make it more part of the illustration). I need to reconfigure the supergraphic and add color with means deconstructing the image….ah well.

Nice chat with Kitty last evening. Kitty has a lot of emotion around the classes she took this semester. She was angry (to the point of tears) about what she didnt learn in her painting class (which means she learned that she didnt like certain things and wanted to learn more about other things). She enjoyed her other classes…fanning the flames. She has also discovered she wants to spread her wings a bit more…making some new friends to her happiness (and mine too). She has her birthday to look forward to—with contradancing as the cupcake with candles for her. I put her little somthingsomthins in the mail…which should make the day a bit brighter. Her first birthday away from us. Another first.

Alex and I figured out the tuxedo dilemma. We measured him according to the directions we found on the web, consulted all the sizing on the site and then printed the buy button.  Its a simple tuxedo with notched lapels, and plain (not pleated) pants. Alex gravitated to the style along with picking out a cotton pique, wing collared shirt. No cummerbund. Black silk bow tie. He will be perfect (at least to his mother’s satisfaction and his…I hope). We should have it by Monday.