Powering through

Today is a glorious day. Kitty just told me we had a thunderstorm last night which I happily slept through. I guess we are having a tropical week with rain in the evenings and beautiful days. Tonight is 2300˚ where Sunny Weather will reunite to kick of GlassFest, the second annual celebration of glass in Corning NY. Also, “Mt. Washington and Pairpoint Glass, from the Gilded Age to the Roaring Twenties” is open (with Mark Tamayo’s wonderful show design and my show logotype). There will be a bus full of partygoers (Kitty, Alex, Gloria and maybe a friend) to mingle and mix in Corning this evening. Music and a balmy evening. How nice.

I have an illustration of a songstress due end of day..and we have some tweaking going on…so I  must make it swift.