The Time is Nigh....6 p.m. right?

Rapture Day 2011 from the Time is Near, Q. Cassetti, 2011, pen and ink adjusted in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS5Well here we are. Rapture Day dawning just like every other one…the birds in the trees, the expanse of green and thankfully, no rain for this momentous day of days.

Must got off to marinate chicken for our last supper before the great shaking and burning happens as we sinners will be left to fend for ourselves in the last five months of our lives. It is nice to know t hat Mayor Bloomburg declared that alternative side of the street parking woud be suspended if the good are taken away from us…at least for Sunday.

Poor Harold Camping, the originator of this chicken little, sky is falling threat. What happens tomorrow? I guess he pays his billboard fees, his tee shirt bills, and collects his donations and starts declaring another fun thing to look forward to. From what I hear, there is another Rapture planned for 2012…so there is time to really get in gear for that.

However, I am delighted with the topic and plan a few more images just to laugh at.