A day later

Preprom Alex, Q. Cassetti, May 14, 2011My little one knows how to humor me. I tweaked and ironed, hemmed and picked up…and then he did as I asked and posed for me. We both acknowledged there might be a “senior picture” in the mix, and he did as I asked, moving a little here, hand there, turn your head a bit more and the like. I got quite a few shots, but this one seems to size up his calm prior to the party. If you want to see more pix, go here for the requisite posing for the parents and the insanity at the falls>>

We had had such a nice day together getting up to do errands from visiting a sale (the famed Flax Sale) to getting his glasses fixed, to breakfast at Hal’s Deli and then off to Maines to get granola fixings. He was kind and chatty and the time just sped by. Then home to have him nap while I hemmed his pants and put a roast in the oven for him to take slices of for the dish to pass dinner he was invited to. Time sped by then…and then he let me tweak and help him with the cummerbund and cuffs, the studs and shoes.

Alex and Ellie 05.14.2011We went to get Ellie, his date, who was perfectly perfect and rolled with all of the flutter and fuss.  She was elegant in a simple sapphire dress with a simple glittering necklace and equally simple, glittering shoes (which she told us she practiced wearing around the house in her sweat pants). She has a lively little pin (you can see in the picture to the right on her hip). Elegant and understated. Alex was proud of how great she looked.

I havent told you about Ellie, but she is a wonderful, cute person who will be catching a hawk to train to hunt this fall. So, she is actively interested in building the hawk house and preparing for the big event. She is interested in going to Europe to learn how to work with Golden Eagles who can take a deer down. Not your average missy miss. She is great and really game. We think she’s terrific.

We got the food together and then went via the falls for “the shot”. I will back up a bit to explain. Trumansburg has a very tall, and at this time of the year, very impressive waterfall “Taughannock Falls” right in our backyard. Rob tells me that Taughannock is taller than Niagara Falls, which is impressive but not quite the theatre that Niagara is. However, the WPA did their number on our park, and carved out all sorts of wonderful trails with overlooks complete with beautiful stone steps and walls. The tradition around here is to have one’s wedding or prom picture taken at the falls overlook which we didnt do for Kitty…but hey, last night it was on our way. So as we pulled into the parking lot, we all screamed with delight as there were two enormous white stretch limos (which we posed in front of) and the promsters got in line with all the others to have their pictures taken. It was the scene, with all of the parents I know from sports and drama, along with all of the gorgeous kids who we have seen in all sorts of states…all dressed up with someplace to go. It was a wonderful and jolly moment for all. So here are some shots (taken from WWWWAAAY Back) to capture the moment!

Then, if all the prom stuff wasnt exciting enough, Kitty arrived home bouncing and talking and happy.

It was a great night.