Sunday Study Hall

Corn, Q. Cassetti, 2011, vector, Adobe Illustrator, CS5More from the Illustration CSA. Loving these quickies on veggies. Decorative, an area I havent tried yet…and very eyewashy.  The curiousity on this one is a corn brush (in illustrator)—which will allow me to make corn swirls, corn waves, the world of corn. Much of it pretty corny. But the purpose of this exploration is just that…to play with brushes, explore illustrator and the new features.

Speaking of illustrator, I spent some time this morning during the coffee time, reading illustrator tutorials (what a nerd I am) from the articulate and engaging, UK designer, Chris Spooner— and learning some new stuff. Here are the ones that rocked my world:

> How to create a Vector Heart Illustration (path offset is the new add to my digital mis en place).

>How to create a  beautiful vector portrait in illustrator (can you say “vexel”?)

> How to create a trendy seamless pattern in illustrator (love the way he defines the repeat and works with it…more of a creative part of the process versus MATH).

Chris also has a premium program (a fee of $7. a mo.) to gain access to his tutorial files, get discounts and freebies from his pals, and considering the savings and freebies, $84. a year could be made up just in the services and connections. I am thinking about it.

Just a moment to talk as I am once again up to my elbows in alligators…not bad stuff…just busy. I got an email from a major, national publication looking for me to do a portrait for their publication with sketches due tomorrow and final due Thursday. This is a “dream” publication, and a real boost for me as it means that my first editorial job for pay is the BIG TIME. If it happens, if my work is accepted and all goes well, you all will be the first to know. I am just breathing deeply and thinking about my progression of work, how I can get them all they need, some good thinking and choices, and then the final that will work. The size is nice (4” x 5”) and the model they liked (Kitty’s portrait).

Rob has a presentation tomorrow he is engrossed in. I also have yearbook hanging like the sword of damoclese. Brought it on myself….