Easter presents: ordered! One of my favorite insane asian stores is who carry the ever popular sushi flash drive (I bought a bacon one this time around), flashing LED dog collar pendants, amazing (and I mean amazingly out there) ladies watches (can you say asian and rhinestones all in one glittery mass), and my new favorite for the low, low price of $2.90 (“free shipping”) “novel solar powered cockroach (black). The sole review says from Mr. Clayton Freeland: NICE LITTLE BUG REALLY BUZZES AND HOPS IN A HOT PU BED HERE IN DEATH VALLY”. Say no more. Guess what is going in our little easter baskets? Their flash drives do rock…and the prices do too… However, if cockroaches are your thing, Etsy has a cockroach USB flash drive to accompany your solar one!

They support the bacon flash drive with this sort of copy: ” Realistic Food Bacon USB Flash Drive Make Memory More Meaty”. Perfection. If your Saturday is lagging, thumb through these flash drives, I am sure there will be one with your name on it….  They have sushi pens, crosissant pens, pickle pens, and the great little asian erasers that look like food. I wish I had known about these erasers when Kitty and Alex were busy with their stuffed puppies and the dinner parties they would throw. The Easter Bunny never had it so good!

OMG. I totally missed this one, the Waving Chairman Mao watch for $7.60 (free shipping!)

Kitty is home, relaxed and happy. She has grown in spirit and confidence…and its great to have her here. Rob and I went off to the dump this morning along with returning a rental car, going to Home Depot and Lowes for the thises and thats for our bathroom, and then to Greenstar to buy Miso. Who would have known that miso comes in so many shapes and sizes, organic, smoked and many of the colors of the rainbow. This need for miso comes from our devouring the ginger miso dressing sold at Greenstar. I figure, how hard is that to make? so now, the race is on! The more ginger miso we make, the more veggies we will eat!

I picked up Mr. Winky White at the doctors today. He is a wreck…with a nasty cone around his head and his shaved face…pooor dear. He is in his room now, with water, a litterbox and some nice wet food—which seemed to rock his world. I was hoping we could give him a little time in the main house, but he is still a bit rocky. Day one…