small plans, big ideas

Lots going on between the ears and not a ton planned today. There is catching up from the recent spate of solid weekends.There is laundry, groceries(basics), and a few design things, and a few illustration things. Alex is practicing for the HS play. Rob needs a haircut which gets rolled into a visit to Greenstar and the hardware store. Mr. White, neckcat, is progressing. I need to finish the layout for the cover of a magazine I am being featured in. There is going to be a big black crow head on the nice, matte laminated white cover. Big and bright. Poster on the magazine rack.

Am puzzling over a picture with figs thanks to Hartford Illustration (MFA) blog’s post on an illustration challenge from The Fig Board to illustrate a recipe( theirs or your own) with figs. Hmmmmm.

Totally a winter storm yesterday with solid snow from wakeup time until sleeping. Light powder, quietly..softly, constantly. I sat at the monitor and cranked through a mark for the Corning Museum of Glass, fixing a few big books for Cornell, putting fires out for the big client,and digging into a pile we need to finish for the first week of April. Shady lay on her side, snoring and running in her sleep. She will be running today in her waking— along with the snow spa and required cone (pine) hunt. No end to fun (at least for her)!