Pencil it in! Girl Power at CMoG

March’s 2300˚ is all girl, all the time with the wonderful Grady Girls bringing irish music to us all. This is what the Rongo says about them:

“A Quartet of fiddles, flute, and bodhran played by a pair of sisters and their two cousins, the Grady Girls gracefully combine the pulsing melodies of slides and polkas (that they picked up in the southwest of Ireland), with more widely known dance tunes such as jigs and reels. Proudly carrying on the musical traditions of their forefathers and foremothers, the lovely young Gradys will sing, fiddle, and step-dance their way into your hearts, much as they entered ours from the first time we met them.”

The Grady Girls’ MySpace>>

Rumor has it that Ephemera, a vocal improv group may sing too!