Valentine, Q. Cassetti, 2009, digitalHappy Valentines Day to all my friends and followers.May there be treats, cards and hugs to all…and know that this day is just one that we should tell each other how much we value and love each other. Just one day out of 365—we should all try for the next 364. 

I am sitting here, listening to the wind whistle as the weather is warm and feels like a barometric shift is in the works. Its water and ice on the driveway so going down was “thrilling” but coming up the same was questionable as there is no traction. I just hope it dries out before it freezes (not leaving us with an inch and a half of ice).

I am worn out from the weekend. It has been a two week blur of work and not much quiet time. Work continues apace—not to my complaint, but it is more than usual, and the stress of the deadlines is not my favorite thing. Its got to switch out. We do not have a double header next weekend. Though the boys are booked through 9 p.m. tonight…So, I will need to get a good dinner for them late. Rob will be burning the afterwork time 4-5 days this week.

Just found a great new resource. Yes, I will need to print something to see the quality etc, but check out the prices: www.bargainbasementprinting.com. I mean, 500 postcards printed both /full color is $26. 500 trifold brochures, $78. It takes 5-7 business days to print…but hey. For that price, how bad can it be? For my friends in small businesses or for quick projects, how sweet is this?

Also, the Sticker Guy is back up and running, . Again, great prices and a huge promotional opportunity for those of us in small businesses that need to get our name and image out there.