Advent Day Nine, 2011

Advent Calendar Day Nine, Q. Cassetti 2010The greatest gift you will ever receive will never be found under a Christmas tree. It is far too valuable to be stored in any other place but in the depths of your heart.


Haven’t been too chatty. Sorry. Just trying to get as much done during the day with work and the holiday fun. My little down time yesterday was committed to driving Alex and also stamping my mountain of holiday cards. Its been slowly winnowing down and I am delighted that Ms. Mandy stops by and is helping me knock the piles of paper down through her culling, opening, sorting and recycling. There is so much hope I have for a clean/ clear approach to the the new year. I would love that for the business and for my peace of mind. I would love a moment of tranquillity before we launch into year 12.

Rob is pedal to the metal. Between presentations, people and parties, we get a little view of him…but he is running. Alex is singing holiday songs at two concerts next week. Sandwiched in between all of that is a “bring your wife” holiday dinner (Mrs. Cassetti, here)— I guess I will have to brush my hair, defurr myself and crawl out from under the bed where I love to hide. I so do not like having to be civilized and pleasant. I prefer to be sullen, unseen and angry—and moving to join the real people is energy incorporated.

Top: Andy Warhol illustrations, Bottom: supergraphics for the Mary Boone Gallery, Art Basel MiamiNow that we are back from our master blaster time in the art world, I am reflecting on all that I saw. There was a complete exhibit/display of Warhol early sketches (shoes, etc). all framed complete with the printer’s marks and registration marks still applied. Those sketches were sooooo sweet, charming and whimsical…showing such sweet heart that made these happy sketches with clear and happy colorways. Floor to ceiling illustration. If there were printer’s marks on these images, I think this means that they were reproduced—and if they were reproduced, this art became illustration…images that sold fashion. And, there were tons of them hung gallery/salon style from the top of the wall to the floor. Chock a block Andy. Plus, behind these images were step and repeat pattern of a tinted line self portrait of Andy Warhol. The exterior of this gallery was a step and repeat pattern of yellow and black (big dot patterns) on a blue-ish purple ground….that screamed ANDY. Other galleries, like the Mary Boone Gallery shown to the left, created solid walls on the outside of their exhibit space, using those walls for word art, or big graphics. The sheer size and commercialism of this exhibitry…almost corporate in the application was very exciting and very inspiring. There was an artist who screenprinted big corrugate panels (with neon ink) with a funky woodgrain pattern that he hung on the wall and built out his picture frames and shelves to make a bigger statement beyond the content in the frame.I need to find a big scale screenprinter….along with large scale paper laser cutter.

Time is speeding by. Later.